Should You Watch Twin Flame Tarot Readings or Buy Twin Flame Psychic Readings?

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Do you find yourself buying twin flame readings? Or are watching countless twin flame tarot readings online? Keep on reading! Especially if you are feeling stuck in your twin flame journey or feeling like you aren’t making any progress.

To start, I want to say that I do not have anything against twin flame tarot card readings or twin flame psychic readings, or even tarot card readings and psychic readings in general. However, these things can distract you from you depending on where you are at in your journey.

If you are trying to figure out whether or not you should be watching twin flame tarot readings or buying other twin flame readings there are a few questions that you can ask yourself to figure it out and why.

How much time are you spending on watching twin flame readings? How much money are you spending on twin flame readings? How easy is it for you to stop? Just like any other addiction, whether it be food, TV, or drugs, these factors will be able to help you figure out whether or not the readings are interfering in your connection to yourself.

Ask yourself why you are watching them in the first place. And ask yourself if your response to that question is the truth or if it is just the answer your ego, your thought process wants you to think it is. The answers that may come up may sound like, “Because I enjoy them,” however, there is usually a truthful reason of validation involved here.

Are the twin flame tarot readings or twin flame readings helping you get closer to yourself? If so, how? Again, ask yourself if this “how” is the truth, or just what you THINK is the truth.

How much value are you placing on what the card reader or psychic is saying over how you feel on the inside? In other words, how much do you trust yourself and your own inner guidance? If the reader says something that feels off to you or something that triggers you, you need to look within yourself and see where this stems from. (HINT: lack of self trust).

Twin Flame tarot readings and twin flame readings in general are fun if you can entertain them in a moderate way while still keeping that trust in yourself and your own inner guidance and stay connected to yourself. However, if you are spending tons of money or more time than you can spare (in almost an obsessive manner), if the readings are keeping you occupied and disconnected to yourself (in other words, if they are a distraction much like TV, etc.) how is this distraction, this disconnection, helping you connect better to you? Another hint, it’s not!

If you first need to be in union with yourself before you can be in union with another (your twin flame), do you think that distracting yourself with readings is getting you closer to union or further from it?

Where is it that you want to be? In union with connected to yourself (so you can be in union with them) or continue to be disconnected to yourself? Do you want union/connection or disconnection/separation? Because it is this union with self, connection with self, that will allow you to be in union with another. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when you continue to experience the same patterns because you’re not doing anything different internally to change up those old patterns. Sure, you may have gone from using one thing as a distraction to another thing, however, the distraction from self is still a distraction and disconnection from self! It’s the definition of insanity right? Doing the same thing but expecting different results. Don’t allow your ego to trick you into thinking, “Well I used to obsess over him, but now I just watch these twin flame readings all day, so I have been doing something different.” Here’s the translation, “I disconnect from myself by obsessing over him, but now I just disconnect myself from him by watching twin flame tarot readings all day, in truth, I have done nothing different because I am still just disconnecting from myself, just with using different things to disconnect with.” You would still be disconnecting you from yourself, but expecting union, but that will only come when you are in union with yourself!

If these twin flame tarot readings or twin flame psychic readings are disconnecting you to you, and you cannot enjoy them while remaining connected to yourself, then put them on hold and start getting connected to yourself until you can watch or buy them and remain connected to you.

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