Secrets of a Life Coach and Life Coaching

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I see ads for different types of coaches all the time. I have also been to a lot of coaches’ websites.

One of the things they all have in common is pre-recorded classes. Some, all they have is pre-completed content.

Now, if someone is a bigger, more well known life coach like Tony Robbins, the use of pre-recorded classes is understandable. He is very well-known and likely does not have a lot of time on his hands and wants to get his information out to as many people as possible. Understandably so.

However, one of the things that people will tell a life coach to do, is use pre-recorded classes as a way to “make the money and work less.” Now, if you have seen my post about how to choose a good coach or watched my video on the same topic, you know that I suggested that one-on-one sessions are more effective than group classes, pre-recorded classes, etc. This is because every person is different and each person has their own blocks, their own stuff that they need to work on.

Here is my perspective, if you are a life coach, you should get into it because you want to help people, not “make money and do less,” and I am not against pre-recorded classes however, the coach should always be available for one-on-one sessions. Even if someone is more in-demand, they can always create a wait-list. Even live group classes are more effective than pre-recorded classes. One-on-one sessions should be the most expensive, coming after that live group classes or webinars, and lastly pre-recorded classes. If pre-recorded classes are more expensive than the others, I would question the coaches intent.

If you as a client sign up with with certain expectations and due to misleading information by the coach those expectations are not met, that’s on the coach. If the coach, the “face” of the business is essentially unavailable to you, I have to wonder what that coaches intent is. If you are expecting to be coached by a certain person, but it turns out someone else is actually coaching you, I also wonder the intent. There isn’t necessarily a problem with that, however, it is the expectation that is the problem. If the coach does not explain that they themselves may not be your coach, that’s misleading.

Be aware of this. If all they have available is pre-recorded classes, I personally would question their intent. And when someone is seeking a coach, they want someone that wants to help them, not someone that is just in it for the money. Again, there isn’t anything wrong with recorded classes, but the coach should not be misleading and the coaches’ pricing for pre-recorded classes should affect its lower value compared to one-on-one sessions and group live webinars/classes.

Buy smart everyone!

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Premiers on September 24, 2020!

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