What NOT to do in a Twin Flame Connection

Before you continue, please read my previous post regarding this topic at: https://pursueyou.org/2020/07/16/the-best-advice-i-can-give-to-a-twin-flame-newbie-the-main-differences-between-twin-flames-and-soulmates/

This needs to be said over and over again, especially now that Megan Fox said something about Machine Gun Kelly being her Twin Flame, giving the label more exposure and making the label more mainstream. Labels and definitions do matter. We need to be able to communicate effectively and if people are saying the same word but are talking about two different things, it causes miscommunication. In addition to that there are people that are very very confused in connection and need to be able to find other people that have experienced the same or similar thing and find good information that resonates with them that will bring them closer to themselves, without the information being diluted with inconsistencies and bad information that causes a person more issues. Again, placing the label on a connection will not change the connection, but the label is still important and serves a purpose.

Everyone has a different experience when it comes to connection, but I see a lot of people who let the label dictate their behavior, using the label as a reason to cheat, using it to keep someone in a toxic situation or stay in a toxic situation, etc. Again, just because a connection is intense, on and off, drama, distance, other marriages, separation, you see signs, etc., it doesn’t mean it is a Twin Flame connection and you’re meant to get back together with this person (as long as you do the work). It is so much more than that! I have seen so many different kinds of dynamics myself and in other people, I could have damn near labeled all of my past relationships as “Twin Flame” since there was an “on and off” dynamic, intensity, saw signs, all of that stuff. Just because you experience an intense connection that has an “on and off” type of dynamic and some other issues and see signs (like 11:11), and you look online and find the Twin Flame label, and start doing the work, it doesn’t mean that it is actually that type of connection. The connection doesn’t need outside information like that. Things just happen naturally, and usually with resistance from ego.

People have gotten arrested etc. because they apply the label to a connection that is not the case. Maybe it’s all a part of their journey, and everything does happen for a reason, however, the record needs to be corrected to prevent the Twin Flame label from getting out of control. And if keeping the label under control helps even just one person from finding bad information (including bad coaches), applying the label, and ending up in trouble or unnecessarily messing up their current marriage, or staying in a toxic situation, then it’s worth it. Some people will just go with the first information they are presented with about the label, and if they are never presented with different information, how would they even be aware that they might be wrongly applying the label to their situation and aware of a choice in the matter? If they were presented with and had access to other information, maybe they would change their mind. What I am saying here is, someone may change their mind about applying the label to their connection if they are presented with different information regarding it. Especially the established information that has been “out there” – not the new stuff like, “Twin flames rarely get back together.” (Which makes no sense since the pain of separation is one of the driving factors to awakening).

Don’t confuse connection with co-dependency and attraction. I can see this happening a lot with people who are in unhappy marriages. Someone ends up finding someone else that gives that person what they aren’t giving to themselves and their spouse stopped giving them, so the person starts to feel extremely attracted to the other person (then subsequently finds the Twin Flame label, applies it to this new person, and it gives their ego validation to cheat). That’s codependency, not connection. If you want to know what to do if your Twin Flame is married or if you are married, respect the other people involved, be truthful, work on yourself, and heal your own issues. When you intentionally hurt other people (like by using the Twin Flame label as an excuse to cheat or be the one the other person uses to cheat with), remember, you are also hurting yourself.

If the other person is not awake, or is resisting, let them be and work on you! They will come back if they are meant to and it will be when the time comes, you know “divine timing”. You are always exactly where you are meant to be, even if it is a place that you don’t want to be. If they are expressing to you in a consistent and persistent manner that they want to be left alone and continue to say the same, LEAVE. THEM. BE. “3D” stuff DOES matter. If they are being consistent in their words and actions and don’t want contact, be respectful of their wishes. If we deny the “3D” we are also denying that which is a part of ourselves, which is not being self-loving. Self-love requires loving all that encompasses us, and this includes the 3D and ego.

-The Twin Flame label is not an excuse to cheat.

-The Twin Flame label is not an excuse to stay in or create a toxic situation.

-The Twin Flame label is not an excuse to continue to contact someone that has continuously and consistently told you they do not want contact with you in both their words and actions.

-The Twin Flame label is not a reason you should believe that anyone will “for sure” get back together with you in the future.

-The Twin Flame label is not a reason to think that someone is lying to you when they tell you they do not have feelings for you.

-The Twin Flame label is not a reason for you to wait on someone else to “come back.”

-The Twin Flame label is not a reason to disrespect someone else’s wishes.

-The Twin Flame label is not a reason to project how YOU THINK THEY FEEL onto how they ACTUALLY feel in any given present moment.

The Twin Flame label is about, essentially, the opposite of this stuff. Get off the “Twin Flame Obsession” train and get on your own spiritual journey. Seriously, my last post about the label is one of, if not, THE TOP post in my entire blog already and it wasn’t posted that long ago, the rest of my blog is primarily focused on spiritual growth. And I can bet that this post will also be a very popular one in here (Update: It is). There is a reason why this is the case and it’s called the “Twin Flame Obsession.” Stop asking “Is this my Twin Flame?” so you can continue to validate ego, and start asking yourself “In what ways am I disconnected to myself?”so that you can start to heal. Stop the Twin Flame Obsession and get to work on yourself. The work can be done regardless if you are in a Twin Flame dynamic or not and it will still have a very positive impact on your life. Do you want to be miserable, constantly obsessing about someone else, being everywhere except inside of you inside the present moment, and continuing your story; or do you want to break free from your past, your story, get to know yourself, be present, and find your own peace within you?

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7 thoughts on “What NOT to do in a Twin Flame Connection

  1. Thank you for your post and I enjoyed it very much. I have been blogging about my TF journey for the past 8 months and I really do not like the label. This journey is primarily spiritual and union with your dm is not the be all and end all of it, although it would be extremely nice to be in union 😀.
    Sending you lots of love ❤️ and I will continue to read your blog.

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    1. I think I have seen some of your posts too! Yes the label is kind of dangerous in a way IMO. Not to be a negative Nancy but there are already so many people on the “TF Obsession” train or the “TF Trend” versus an actual spiritual journey, which is what the label is all about!! Sending 💜 right back at ya!

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