How to Know if you are on a True Spiritual Journey or if you Just Have “Spiritual Ego”

In this previous post, I talk about what “Spiritual Ego” is. In simple terms, spiritual ego can also be described as “spiritual superiority.”

Spiritual ego can be a tough cookie to crack. At a certain point along a spiritual journey, ego can often disguise itself as “enlightenment” and it can be a bit difficult to distinguish if you just have a “spiritual ego” or not.

Here are ten questions you can ask yourself to see if you’re more in spiritual ego or on an authentic spiritual journey:

  1. Do you place a heavy emphasis on spiritual type labels (like soulmate and twin flame) without a greater understanding of the truth behind those spiritual labels? Are you unbalanced in either the lack of recognizing your humanity & the 3D or the lack of recognizing your spirit, your 5D? (i.e. are you too much “up in the clouds” or too much associated with the 3D?)
  2. Do you criticize those who charge money for a “spiritual” type service? If so, how does this criticism come out? Do you name call or simply just state your opinion in a balanced way?
  3. Do you shame or judge others based off of their own spiritual beliefs? Again, if so, how does this come out? Are you balanced and grounded in your own beliefs?
  4. Do you believe you are better than someone else because of your own spiritual beliefs and/or practices? Do you have a greater understanding that there is no “superiority” and that everyone is at the exact place in their soul’s growth as they need to be, but also understand the need for spiritual growth? Is there balance?
  5. When someone triggers you, do you use this opportunity as a chance to heal what is within you that caused you to be triggered in the first place, or do you convince yourself that you know more than the other person and are therefore “superior”?
  6. How truthful are you with yourself and how is this reflected outwards? (i.e. if you say that you are generally a kind and loving person but are not kind and loving in truth, in reality.) How aware are you of this? How aware are you of yourself and your unconscious beliefs?
  7. How open are you to constructive criticism and how do you respond to it? Do you get defensive and triggered or are you open to listening and learning? Again, with balance.
  8. Are you present and authentic? How does this internal state of being show up in your external state of being? Do you tell yourself you are authentic and present, but in reality not practice being vulnerable & are always anxious from living in the future?
  9. Do you place a heavy emphasis on external circumstances, such as veganism, what another chooses to wear/how they present themselves, what they do with their spare time, rather than their internal state of being?
  10. How do you respond when someone else is projecting something onto you, such as their stresses? Do you remain present, grounded, and calm; or do you allow yourself to get triggered as well?

BONUS QUESTION: How accepting are you when you do not meet your own expectations or someone else does not meet your expectations, including your expectations in your own spiritual journey? How do you treat yourself or another if you or they are unable to get defensive or triggered? (See this post for more on this one.)

It is true, some people get into things like chakras, crystals, burning sage, meditating, spiritual type labels, and other things of that nature when they begin a spiritual awakening, however, your spirituality and spiritual journey is not dictated by any of these external things. A spiritual journey is an inner journey. Sure, external things may change with it, and it’s a known fact that meditation does help with your inner state of being, however, your inner state of being is not dictated by your external state of being. I specifically mention these types of external things again because it is often in these external things where spiritual ego tends to materialize. Ego is our entire thought process, not just the unhealthy thoughts, all of it. We can never completely get rid of our ego, but what we can do is make sure that our egos and our spirit are in alignment and our inner state of being is balanced. None of us humans are perfect, except the perfection in our imperfections, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to grow and learn. Accept what is but also recognize the potential to grow!

I have seen the most “spiritual” [ego] people have a lack of self-awareness, and I have seen what people would describe as “non-spiritual” people have self-awareness.

Just “be” folks 🤘


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2 thoughts on “How to Know if you are on a True Spiritual Journey or if you Just Have “Spiritual Ego”

  1. Great article! I think what you’ve described is someone who has just started a spiritual journey. Some people get a bit ahead of themselves in the beginning and they start judging others. The further on through their journey, the more tolerant they become and of course more spiritually aware they become.

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