Believe in What You’re Comfortable With

We are whoever you think we are, sometimes you will get something and immediately think of somebody. We can be whoever you want us to be. There are many belief systems out there – whichever label you want to put on us – will be okay. Labels are nothing to us. We don’t care. It’sContinue reading “Believe in What You’re Comfortable With”

Breaking Down to Build Back Up

My dear one, do nothing. Remember that your angels are near and you are never alone. We are here to help you along your path. Your very own unique path. We all have our own. I know that it’s hard sometimes, especially when the outside isn’t reflecting what feels right on the inside. Stay strongContinue reading “Breaking Down to Build Back Up”

A Different Perspective

You are light, you are love, you are happiness and you are joy. All of these things combined but the biggest aspect is love. God loves you and we love you. We only wish to serve you your greatest good. But just as messages from above get misinterpreted by the human hand & mind, muchContinue reading “A Different Perspective”

See the "Good" in the "Bad"

Keep up the good work. You are a very passionate person and you’re good at what you do. Be a little patient this might take some time. God is good and great. Relief is just around the corner. You did a good job this time around and passed the test. Congratulations. It is always okayContinue reading “See the "Good" in the "Bad"”

Intuition and Self-Empowerment

In order to separate your intuition from your desires you have to be persistent. You have to be able to recognize when your desires are taking over your brain. You have to know when your mind is making a conscious thought. You need to control your thoughts. It will take time and practice and patience,Continue reading “Intuition and Self-Empowerment”


You are not crazy. You don’t need anything to prove that what you think and feel is right. Stop analyzing everything and seeking validation for what you believe. Everything will work itself out. Just keep doing what you have been doing and when the time is right, the answer will come to you. Just don’tContinue reading “Confidence”

Gratitude & Surrender

Surrender to God, surrender to love. You have traveled a very long way and realized that this very process all started a long time ago. It wasn’t until you finally learned your lesson that your life started to pave a new and easier path. The years of anxiety and “bad luck” or your “dark cloud”Continue reading “Gratitude & Surrender”

A Little Encouragement

Hang tight there. You will be just fine I promise. You have come such a long way. Believe it and be proud of yourself. You’ve worked so hard this far and I promise just as I always do that you will be rewarded for your efforts. Check out my blog’sĀ Facebook pageĀ andĀ Pursue You CoachingĀ Facebook page forContinue reading “A Little Encouragement”

Rock Bottom

I have had the wonderful opportunity to have the knowledge and recognition that everything happens according to plan. Ā Things in life are either lessons or blessings or just events that lead us to fulfilling our life’s purpose. Ā I had my “dark night of the soul” while in college. Ā I will spare the details, but forContinue reading “Rock Bottom”